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      I would like to direct your attention to the “Meet a Researcher” initiative:, known as “Tutkija Tavattavissa” in Finnish (

      Meet a researcher organizes remote visits connecting researchers to classrooms, mostly in upper-secondary schools. A teacher can submit a request for a visit in some subject, after which the coordinator looks for a suitable researcher to fulfil the request and connects the two. After this the researcher and teacher agree on a specific time for the visit and the teacher collects questions from their students that the researcher bases their ~40 minute visit on.

      The service is very popular. It has been used by over 50% of the upper secondary schools in Finland and reaches over 10 000 students every year. As the popularity of the service is constantly increasing, so is the need for new researchers willing to participate. If you are interested, or know someone who could be interested, in doing these kinds of visits I would appreciate if you considered joining. There is a very short form to fill in order to be added to the pool of available researchers. I have been in this pool for about 4 years and done in total two visits.

      We welcome all researchers, regardless of seniority or language proficiency. In fact, there is a constantly increasing demand for research visits in english from teachers who have non Finnish-speaking students.

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