Finnish AI Society Honors Dr. Wei Peng with the Finnish AI Dissertation Award 2022

The Finnish AI Society proudly announces Dr. Wei Peng as the recipient of the Finnish AI Dissertation Award for the year 2022. The award is presented annually to an outstanding doctoral thesis in the field of AI.

Peng’s doctoral dissertation, “Automatic Neural Network Learning for Human Behavior Understanding,” has been recognized as a profound contribution to AI.  The thesis was conducted at the Center for Machine Vision and Signal Analysis at the University of Oulu, under the supervision of Academy Professor Guoying Zhao.  Dr. Peng’s research delves into computer vision, deep learning, and human behavior analysis.  The dissertation is very comprehensive, highlighting Dr. Peng’s depth of knowledge and expertise.  His research extends the frontiers of understanding in micro-expressions, human action recognition, and the automated design of neural networks.

The selection committee commended Dr. Peng for his experimentation, solid research methodologies, and innovation, which has led to novel approaches and results that are considered state-of-the-art within the AI community. His dissertation comprises an introduction and ten peer-reviewed articles published in journals and conferences, such as IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, Pattern Recognition, and the IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition.

Dr. Peng’s work already has garnered considerable attention within the scientific community, influencing further research and applications. Currently, he advances his postdoctoral studies at the Computational Neuroscience Laboratory, Stanford University, under the mentorship of Professor Kilian M. Pohl. Dr. Peng’s current scientific activities are focused on generative models, geometric neural networks, and medical image analysis, with a special emphasis on neuroscience.