Programme of STeP 2008

Wednesday, 20.8.2008
Conference sessions at Helsinki University of Technology
9:00 Registration and coffee break
Genetic Algorithms and Particle Swarms
9:30 Janne Koljonen:
Partially separable fitness function and smart genetic operators for surface-based image registration
9:50 N. Rajkumar, Timo Vekara, and Jarmo T. Alander:
A Review of Genetic Algorithms in Power Engineering
10:10 Jarmo T. Alander:
From Gas Pipe into Fire, and by GAs into Biodiversity - A Review Perspective of GAs in Ecology and Conservation
10:30 Petri Välisuo and Jarmo Alander:
Evaluation of uniqueness and accuracy of the model parameter search using GA
10:50 Filip Norrgård, Toni Harju, Janne Koljonen and Jarmo T. Alander:
LEDall 2 - An Improved Adaptive LED Lighting System for Digital Photography
11:10 Serkan Kiranyaz, Jenni Pulkkinen and Moncef Gabbouj:
Multiswarm Particle Swarm Optimization in Multidimensional Dynamic Environments
11:30 Timo Mantere and Janne Koljonen:
Sudoku Solving with Cultural Swarms
11:50 Lunch break
12:30 Olli Kanniainen and Timo M. R. Alho:
Minimalistic Navigation for a Mobile Robot based on a Simple Visibility Sensor Information
12:50 Timo M. R. Alho:
An Angle Sensor-Based Robot Navigation in an Unknown Environment
Games and Preferences
13:10 Tero Hinkkanen, Jaakko Kurhila and Tomi A. Pasanen:
Framework for Evaluating Believability of Non-player Characters in Games
13:30 Tapani Raiko and Jaakko Peltonen:
Application of UCT Search to the Connection Games of Hex, Y, *Star, and Renkula!
13:50 Tapio Pahikkala, Evgeni Tsivtsivadze, Antti Airola and Tapio Salakoski:
Regularized Least-Squares for Learning Non-Transitive Preferences between Strategies
14:10 Erkki Laitila:
Philosophy of Static, Dynamic and Symbolic Analysis
14:30 Panu Åberg:
Machine Mind - Human Mind
14:40 Coffee break
Semantic Web
15:00 Jussi Kurki:
Finding people and organizations on the semantic web
15:20 Jouni Tuominen, Matias Frosterus, Kim Viljanen and Eero Hyvönen:
ONKI-SKOS - Publishing and Utilizing Thesauri in the Semantic Web
15:40 Matias Frosterus and Eero Hyvönen:
Document Expansion Using Ontological Concept Clustering
Adaptive Tension Systems
16:00 Heikki Hyötyniemi:
Adaptive Tension Systems: Towards a Theory of Everything?
16:20 Heikki Hyötyniemi:
Adaptive Tension Systems: Fields Forever?
16:40 Heikki Hyötyniemi:
Adaptive Tension Systems: Beyond Artificial Intelligence?
17:00 end
18:00 Banquet at Radisson SAS, Otaranta 2, Espoo
Thursday, 21.8. 2008
Nokia Workshop on Machine Consciousness 2008 at Nokia Research Center.
9:00 Welcome
9:15 Introductory speech by Prof. Igor Aleksander
10:00 Coffee break
  Session 1. Consciousness Models
10:30 Antonio Chella: Robotanic: an externalist outlook of a robot architecture
11:00 Will Browne: Emotional cognitive steps towards consciousness
11:30 Ricardo Sanz: Systems, models and self-awareness: A SysML model of consciousness
12:00 Lunch
  Session 2. Systems and Architectures
13:00 Ben Goertzel: Achieving advanced machine consciousness through integrative, virtually embodied artificial general intelligence
13:30 Yasuo Kinouchi: A logical model of consciousness on a neural network system with a simple abstract brain-like structure
14:00 Harri Valpola: The engine of thought - a bio-inspired mechanism for distributed selection of useful information
14:30 Uma Ramamurthy: TBA
15:00 Coffee break
15:30-17:00 Round Table Discussion
Friday, 22.8.2008
Nokia Workshop on Machine Consciousness 2008 at Nokia Research Center.
9:00 Introduction to day 2
  Session 3.  Imagination and Phenomenology
9:05 Hugo Gravato Marques: Imagination in an anthropomimetic robot
9:35 David Gamez: A systematic approach to synthetic phenomenology
10:05 Coffee break
  Session 4. Phenomenology and Qualia
10:30 Riccardo Manzotti: Physical foundations of phenomenal content in a conscious machine
11:00 Germund Hesslow: Qualia and how to make a machine have them (tentative title)
11:30 Pentti Haikonen: The role of qualia in machine consciousness;nothing or everything
12:00 Lunch
  Session 5. Realization and Testing
13:00 Markku Åberg: Neuron microchips
13:30 Raúl Arrabales Moreno: ConsScale: A plausible test for machine consciousness ?
14:00 Emmanuel Lesser, Charles Jorgensen: A Cognitive Approach to Silent Speech Recognition
14:30 Coffee break
15:00-17:00 Concluding Discussion